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Hello, I'm Gavin Bogie

I am a dedicated backend developer with a focus on crafting robust systems. I specialize in Distributed Systems, Cryptography, and Web Development. I also excel in utilizing languages such as Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Go, while also maintaining proficiency in languages like Java, Python, and C.

Notable Projects


A Distributed Ed25519 Threshold Signature Database!

FROSTore is a tool to prevent your Private Key from being compromised and used to sign data without your permission.

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SoftChorder (WIP)

A Cross-Platform Software Chording Keyboard!

SoftChorder is a tool to increase your typing speed and efficiency by using Chords instead of individual key presses.

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Tools and Technologies


  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Go
  • Java
  • Lua
  • Nix
  • Python
  • C(++)


  • Networking
  • Webassembly
  • SQL
  • Distributed Systems
  • Cryptography
  • REST
  • Microservices
  • CI/CD
  • WebRTC


  • Axum
  • Tokio
  • React
  • Libp2p
  • Echo


  • Git
  • Vim
  • Linux
  • Vite
  • Docker
Career Positions

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